Ta-Fone A37 with 3G enabled SIM

Karbonn Ta-Fone A37 with 3G SIM Karbonn Ta-Fone A37 is the king of all the calling tablet available in the Indian market. Not only it has dual SIM card support but one of the SIM slots is even 3G enabled. Now one can easily connect to high speed internet using the SIM connection .i.e one can do away with all these […] Continue reading →

Ta-Fone A34 with dual SIM and Calling

Karbonn Tablet with dual SIM card Karbonn has launched two calling tab Ta-Fone A37 and A34.  Both the tablets come with dual SIM but the A34 model has 2G SIM slots only whereas A37 has got one 3G SIM slot and hence is touch costlier. Nevertheless Ta-Fone A34 accesses 3G network via external dongles. In this fast evolving Tab market, customers […] Continue reading →

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 Specification

Karbonn tablet Smart Tab 1 As the season of tablets is going on, Karbonnmobiles too jump into tablet business with the Karbonn Smart Tab 1. Its price is Rs 6,990. Other tablet in the same price range are Micromax Funbook tab (Rs 6499)  and HCL ME Tab (Rs 7,999). Although the Karbonn claims that its Smart Tab has superior video […] Continue reading →

Increase internal storage of Karbonn Tab

 What this process actually does is that it makes your external memory(sd card) your internal memory and your internal memory is changed to the external memory. So if you download any games, books, it gets stored on your sd card. By doing this process the user looses the right claim for guarantee. The tablet may […] Continue reading →

Root Karbonn Ta-Fone A34

root karbonn ta-fone Rooting is the process of allowing the user to attain privileged control(root access) within the system. Rooting is performed to overcome difficulties that the hardware manufacturers put on the device, thus the user can alter and replace system applications and settings. It can run apps that require administrator level permission. Rooting can also facilitate removal […] Continue reading →

Unlock pattern password of Karbonn Tab

hard reset karbonn tablet If you have forgotten the patter password of Kabonn Tablet then read here the steps and precautions needed to be taken in order to factory/master reset your Karbonn Tablet PC to unlock the pattern password. It’s real easy and you can perform it yourself only. Need not to take it to any expert and waste money and time. […] Continue reading →

Ta-Fone A39 HD with video calling

karbonn-ta-fone-a39-hd Karbonn has released a new TA-Fone A39  HD  tablet in its Ta-Fone series. The tab has a screen size of 7 inch and comes with a ton of pre-loaded apps. This tab has few feature which are not present in this price range in other tablets like Ta-fone A39 come with GPS navigator and 3G […] Continue reading →

Temple Run 2 demo on Karbonn Ta-Fone Tab

temple run 2 on Karbonn Tablet A lot of Karbonn Smart Tablet user are having trouble with Temple Run game on their tabs. But the issue has been sorted out in the latest Karbonn Ta-Fone tablets and Temple-Run runs smoothly, without any lagging what-so-ever in the Ta-Fone Tabs. See here the demo of Temple Run 2 on Karbonn Tab. Temple Run […] Continue reading →